Print Management
"Everything you need to manage your technology"

QHT Managed Print Features include:
  • An in-depth assessment of your current printing environment and custom recommendation, including hardware configuration
  • A review of your document workflow and recommendations to improve productivity
  • Customized solutions for supplies replenishment, service and support
  • A simple contract with flexible financing option
  • Ongoing review to further reduce total costs and increase printing efficiencies

When determining the optimal printer environment, QHT assists you in determining:
  • Which devices best fit the needs of your employees
  • How many devices are needed
  • Where each device should be located
  • How much you should spend each month on supplies
  • How best to manage your supplies
  • What your service contract and maintenance costs are

Control Costs Easily and Effectively
Because QHT manages the entire print environment from usage to supplies, you can easily track your printing costs and accurately bill each department in your company. QHT's easy-to-read reporting features enable you to see which printers are utilized the most, so you can optimize your printer fleet by deploying them where they are needed. A managed print solution also provides greater control over your supply costs and inventory - you pay only for the supplies you use. No more guessing how much ink and toner to order, only to have excess inventory sit in a supply closet for months. With QHT, there is no guesswork.

When the time comes to upgrade your print environment, you can purchase or lease new, state-of-the-art equipment on terms that work with your budget - an important consideration in tough economic times.

QHT Offers:
  • Fleet Efficiency - Get the most out of your entire print environment
  • Low Predictable Payment with No Capital Investment - A set monthly cost makes it easier for you to budget
  • Auto Supplies Fulfillment - Never worry about running out of toner again
  • The Latest Technology at an Affordable Cost - Upgrade when you want
  • Device Reliability with Scheduled Maintenance - Preventive services mean you won't have to deal with unexpected downtime and service delays
  • Detailed Usage and Added Control for All Print Devices - Adjust your print environment to meet changing business requirements

A Trusted Partnership
With QHT, you have one trusted source for all your printer environment needs, from hardware to supplies to maintenance. A single point of contact means fewer relationships to manage, no overlap in service and reduced total cost of ownership.

Ask your solution provider partner how QHT can help you control costs, increase productivity, and manage your printer environment efficiently and effectively.
Print Management
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