Remote Management
"Everything you need to manage your technology"

Proactive Network Management

Proactive Network Management is a new approach to Managed Services, geared toward anticipating and mitigating any IT infrastructure troubles you may have – before they occur.

Thanks to industry-standard network management technology, we can monitor every moment of your Network’s activity 24x7, enabling our staff to anticipate and proactively correct emerging issues well before they escalate to a level adversely affecting your daily operations.

However, not every aspect of your IT infrastructure can be managed remotely. QHT will perform a company-wide technology analysis and, when necessary, QHT’s on-site technicians can provide any maintenance to keep your network performing at peak capacity.

Help Desk and Remote Support

With all QHT Managed IT Service plans, users may submit unlimited trouble tickets and place an unlimited number of calls to a QHT Technical Consultant about ANY problems they may be experiencing.
  • Remote Computer Support
    Due to QHT’s vast array of technologies and proven methodologies, 95% of your technology issues can be resolved remotely. With your prior authorization, our Technology Consultants can securely access your computers, assess the issue, and provide immediate system repairs.

  • Real-time PC Support
    QHT offers Remote PC support that lets us access your PC or server from our Remote Computer Support Team via any Internet, LAN, or phone connection. Once that secure connection is successfully established, a highly trained QHT Technology Consultant can remotely service your computer as if we were sitting in your place of business.

  • Remote Diagnostics
    QHT gathers information about your overall computing environment, including operating system details; total and available memory; applications and services currently running; and more. We can also gather additional custom system or application information specific to your support needs.

  • Reboot/Reconnect
    Enables a QHT professional to restart your end user's device remotely.
Intelligent Patch Management

Not every patch issued by a hardware or software vendor is right for your particular computing environment. Our team will assess all available patches and remotely deploy to your workstations and servers only those that are appropriate to your needs - adhering to a defined, predictable schedule of deployment that you establish.

Service Ticket and Tracking

We provide monthly reports showing all submitted and resolved service tickets, detailed by user and workstation/device.

Off-Site Backup

QHT provides access to a secure data center which is the ideal home for your mission-critical data, and automated daily backups require no action from you or your staff. Should disaster strike, our Backup Client will allow you to restore servers and workstation data lost to hardware failure, virus attacks, natural disaster, human error or theft. Our Backup services can have your business back up and running within minutes of a total data loss.


Included with all QHT Managed IT packages, our Reporting services will provide your designated Point-of-Contact with a detailed Executive Summary comprising a "snapshot view" of your daily IT status. These reports, with "drill-down" to the individual User level, are essential to your Technology decision making process and incur no additional cost.
Here are a few available reports available in our Executive Summary:
  • Changes to computer hardware or software
  • Disk utilization
  • License usage
  • Network usage and statistics
  • Server and workstation uptime history
  • Help desk trouble tickets
  • Computer logs and status
  • Security patch and update status

Real Time Network Asset Tracking (Inventory Audit)

Get a fast, accurate and up to date audit of your entire computing infrastructure. QHT provides immediate inventory of your servers, workstations and remote computers, delivered right to your desktop automatically, manually or upon a set schedule. With Real Time Asset Tracking enabled, QHT will help you track moves, adds and changes in both your software and hardware environment.

Network Policy Enforcement

Operating according to your company’s Network Policy standards, we will enforce all specified Network Policies - permitting or denying users access to applications or any specified location(s) on your network. Website restriction and monitoring is included and allows your company to track and limit specific websites company-wide or by individual user.

Virus, Spyware, and Adware Removal

If you can’t remove a virus from your computer - we can. We can also remove adware, spyware and malicious files that have been installed on your systems.

It is essential to keep your computer data secure. Having up-to-date Virus Protection Software operating on your systems is integral to safe, trouble free computing.Without virus protection, viruses may destroy or disclose data, replicate and propagate itself via your email application, or even render your computer inoperable.
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